About Me

Hi, I am a PhD candidate in the Computer Science Department at University of Southern California. I am a graduate research assistant in the Computer Vision Laboratory at Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Systems. My thesis adviser is Prof. Ram Nevatia.

Previously, I earned my M.S. degree in Computer Science from University of Southern California in May, 2011. I also hold a Bachelors in Engineering degree in Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering and a Masters in Engineering degree in Visual information and Embedded Systems from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur (better known as IIT Kharagpur). At IIT, I worked in Prof. Somnath Sengupta’s Computer Vision Laboratory.

My research interests are broadly in the field of computer vision, pattern recognition and machine learning. During my PhD, my research focused on recognizing complex human activities in videos, which contain a large number of articulated pose variations in complex scenes. I have developed novel algorithms for combining global statistics of local features, with the high level structure and constraints provided by dynamical graphical models, in a discriminative learning framework. Our algorithms minimize the manual annotation requirements during training by learning probabilistic latent variable models to capture semantic concepts (like human-pose and human-object interactions), and at the same time are flexible enough to incorporate varying styles and duration of activity dynamics. During my PhD, I have been funded by and contributed to the following research programs: DARPA VIRAT, DARPA Minds Eye, DARPA ADAMS and DARPA SMISC.


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